Xing (Eva) CHEN

Assistant Professor
Fudan University
xiyingxingchen@gmail.com, xingc@fudan.edu.cn

About Me

Hi! My name is Xing Chen(陈醒). I am an assistant professor at School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University. I obtained my PhD in Environmental Economics from Peking University, the top 1 university in China, where I also received my bachelor degree in Environmental Science. My advisor was Professor Jintao Xu from National School of Development. Additionally, I was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley from 2017 to 2018, supervised by the esteemed environmental economist, Peter Berck.

My experience at Shanghai ignited my interest in Political Science and Public Administration, despite my formal education background not being in these fields. However, through diligent self-study, currently I am working on topics including Public Opinion, Environmental Politics, and Political Economy, with the regional focus on China. I use applied econometrics to uncover the role of information, trauma experience, and cultural norms in shaping political attitudes and decision making.

​Please find my school website here, ssrn here, and Google Scholar here.

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At Fudan University, I have a lot of joy teaching quantitative methods and causal inference courses at various levels and sometimes received incredibly high teaching evaluation scores. At Peking University, I taught graduate-level microeconomics for international students.

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World Development, China Economic Quarterly, Journal of Chinese Political Science, Chinese Political Science Review,Global Public Policy and Governance

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Third prize for excellent papers in China Public Administration Annual Conference (2023), Peking University Outstanding Research Award(2019)

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